cover-customerservice-wpDelivering cost-effective customer service in difficult market conditions.

Current economic conditions are clearly having an impact on business strategy across the country, with organisations looking for ways to trim spending and improve their bottom line. For some, the focus is on defensive strategies such as reducing costs, cutting headcount and increasing efficiency, and for companies with fixed costs and declining revenues that's clearly a way of minimising losses and improving short-term results.

Topics include:

  1. Reducing costs and increasing service accessibility through sophisticated self-service and assisted self-service options
  2. Increasing efficiency and making more effective use of your most expensive contact centre asset – your agents – through key workforce optimisation techniques
  3. Improving customer retention by having the right outbound strategy and infrastructure in place
    Successfully reducing headcount or combining multiple contact centres with effective virtualisation
  4. Ensuring business continuity and avoiding lost business by making sure you’ve successfully replaced key platforms – such as ACDs
    – that are either end-of-life or don’t support your business strategy


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