Improving performance through quality monitoring and call monitoring software

Enabling more effective customer interactions with an integrated Quality Monitoring approach

Monitoring the quality of interactions between your staff and your customers is crucial to ensuring a superior customer service.

A standalone Quality Monitoring system that captures the voice and screen recordings of employees will provide you with information on where to improve processes and employee skill gaps. But integrate Quality Monitoring with other Workforce Optimisation tools and call monitoring software, and you can really empower your Team Leaders to identify the issues, and produce and schedule corrective training to manage performance improvements.

The impact is improved customer service through more effective customer interactions.

Sabio’s in-depth customer contact skills and experience enable its consultants to provide the services and solutions needed to implement a Quality Monitoring solution, such as Verint Quality Monitoring that integrates with your other Workforce Optimisation tools. Sabio can help you get the most from your Quality Monitoring solution and align it with your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), whilst offering ongoing support.

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