Turning customer feedback into customer insight

Understanding your customers to deliver an improved experience

It is essential to listen to your customers’ feedback; not only to be successful, but in many cases, just to survive.

Customer Feedback solutions engage customers immediately after their interactions with your business using IVR, web, and email with short, dynamic surveys that are delivered based on custom-defined business rules that you define.

Customer Feedback gives you real time access to your customers’ opinions, as well as new customer insights that can dramatically influence your quality initiatives, staffing models and training programmes.

Furthermore, by coupling Customer Feedback software with proven Workforce Optimisation disciplines such as Quality Monitoring and Speech Analytics, organisations can gain an important customer insight into current service trends and drivers impacting consumer actions, preferences and experiences.

Sabio was the first contact centre technology provider in the UK to implement a Customer Feedback solution that integrates with other WFO tools - the solution was based on Verint Customer Survey.

Sabio’s comprehensive skills and experience in developing customer interaction strategies, combined with its knowledge of technical applications to optimise a contact centre workforce present an unbeatable solution to help you understand your customers and deliver a superior customer experience.

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