Seeing SpaceX launch a Tesla car towards Mars was pretty amazing. However, watching the Falcon Heavy rocket’s two side boosters perform a perfectly synchronised return to base was possibly even more impressive.

spacex jpegWhile Starman and his space Tesla - passed off as ‘just a bit of fun’ by Elon Musk - turned out to be one of history’s greatest marketing stunts, SpaceX’s simultaneous booster landing demonstrated just how much and how quickly the company has disrupted the space industry. Perhaps more significantly, it also made its concept of rocket reflight look almost easy!

SpaceX demonstrated that there really are no limits when smart technology is applied intelligently and with commitment. Certainly, that’s the case in the customer engagement arena, where we’re now seeing technologies that were cutting edge just a year ago now finding mainstream acceptance, whether that’s machine learning/AI techniques to profile customers and optimise voice interactions, or the latest omnichannel routing engine enabling a seamless transition from digital channels to live contact.

Perhaps we’re seeing a compression of the traditional Gartner Hype Cycle? Or maybe, like SpaceX, more and more organisations just want to make things happen much faster?

This week we’re focusing on the growth in voice-enabled businesses, looking forward to a world without smartphones, and examine how blockchain can help strengthen the customer experience.