For keen followers of the Gartner Hype Cycle – originally designed to help demystify today’s emerging technology trends - the worrying news is that there are now over 100 different hype cycle documents to work through!

However the analyst firm gets it right in its latest 2017 Hype Cycle release, listing Artificial Intelligence, Human-Centred Design, Customer Experience and Customer Intimacy as its key innovation triggers. For Gartner, the focus on AI and Customer Experience is clearly connected, with the next generation of customer experience centred around more proactive AI-identified context – describing next generation interactions as the ‘commerce that comes to you’.

In this week’s SabioSense we’re highlighting Sabio’s upcoming ‘The Art of CX’ event in October, looking how millennials particularly are keen todisrupt the banking sector, considering the likelihood of 20-minute voicebot conversations, and asking whether Taylor Swift is actually the world’s greatest disruptive CMO.

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  • Established Banks can Bank on Disruption – According to research from Accenture, 40% of global millennials would be happy to switch to an Amazon or Google bank account, with the US demographic being even keener at 50%.
  • Amazon Looking for Voicebots that can Sustain 20 Minute Conversations – According to Amazon, the ultimate triumph for voice-based AI is to carry on realistic multi-minute conversation users. However, being able to discern customer intent when there isn’t an obvious intent will prove challenging.
  • The World's Greatest CMO? – After wiping the content from her Instagram feed – followed by 103 million, Twitter account – followed by 85 million, and Facebook – just 85 million, in the run-up to her new album launch, one commentator has described Taylor Swift as ‘the greatest Chief Marketing Officer’ in a generation. How many brands are that brave?