When we talk about disruption in SabioSense we’re usually discussing new technologies or digital market innovations that we believe could have a positive impact on the customer experience.

However, last week’s global ransomware attack was quick to take things from the digital to the tangible – particularly for those 48 NHS Trusts and their patients who were significantly disrupted by Friday’s Windows XP malware incident.

With hundreds of operations and thousands of appointments postponed, the attack clearly brought home to all of us just how at risk many of our critical services now are from international cybercrime. Of course, better security and software patching processes at an individual Trust level might well have averted malware problems locally, but with over 200,000 IT systems hit worldwide, this has clearly been a wake-up call for organisations of all sizes.

Cybersecurity is often cited as one of main reasons that CIOs invariably cite when transitioning their core operational systems to the cloud. However, with the ongoing requirement to create daily offline backups, educate all staff about cybersecurity risks, manage firewalls and security appliances, and operate a range of spam blockers, filters and anti-virus software, the alternative of on demand solutions and managed service support will look increasingly attractive to many organisations after this last week.

In this week’s SabioSense we’re highlighting insights and events from The Guardian, The Verge, Recode and Medium.

  • UK AI sector is booming – According to new research from MMC Ventures, the number of AI companies founded in the UK doubled over the last two years, with one new AI venture being launched almost every week.
  • Transitioning to multi-turn dialogue with Facebook's ParlAI – Details emerged this week of a new Facebook AI project aimed at trying to develop the capacity for chatbots to enter long-term conversation, with the focus on enabling chatbots that mediate use interactions with the digital world.
  • Google is trailing Amazon and Apple when it comes to voice – This Recode article suggests that Google is starting from behind when it comes to the race to gain a greater foothold in the voice market.
  • Amazon Echo Show - more than just another connected speaker? – An interesting Medium piece on Amazon Echo Show, it’s exciting ‘Drop In’ video capability, and why its invisible design makes it more likely to be your next voice-controlled computing device. Watch this space for future B2C opportunities?