June 14th 10.00 BST – 11.00 CET
In today’s intensely competitive business environment understanding customers is key to success but many organisations struggle to gain insights that are useful to their business.

Speech Analytics can automatically highlight the views and opinions of your customers and offer valuable intelligence from the thousands, or even millions, of calls that you record. It can help pinpoint cost drivers, trends, strengths and weaknesses and is a practical and powerful way to help call centres and business users stay on top of customer perceptions.

In this webinar, Peter Wilson, Customer Analytics Consultant EMEA, Verint Systems, will address a number of key questions, including:

  • Why is Speech Analytics so critical?
  • How does Speech Analytics work?
  • Where does my ROI come from?


Verint will also present case studies from organisations that are already benefiting from implementing customer analytics.

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