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Telephony Infrastructure

Telephony Infrastructure


Delivering advanced Contact Centre Infrastructure and Unified Communications solutions across your business

Transforming how your organisation engages with customers

At Sabio we understand that the kind of agility delivered via today’s best practice communications platforms is the critical component underpinning your current and future customer engagement initiatives.


Getting the right customers to the right agents at the right time

Optimising the customer journey with intelligent dynamic routing

With customer service expectations continuing to increase, it’s even more important for organisations to route interactions as quickly as possible correctly to resolve customer issues.


Improving operational performance with best-of-breed contact centre solutions

Comprehensive portfolio of hosted, prepackaged and tailored customer contact technologies

Customer satisfaction is critical to your business success, so it’s essential that you have the right contact centre infrastructure in place to help deliver the kind of intelligent, personalised service your customers increasingly demand.


Evolving towards a next generation architecture

Taking advantage of a clear Reference Architecture for consistent communications

At Sabio we understand that deploying advanced UC and contact centre solutions can be complex, and that organisations rarely start with a blank sheet of paper.


The flexibility of a virtualised environment

Simplifying platform innovation while also enhancing customer flexibility

To cope with accelerating customer engagement demands, your core enterprise solutions such as the Avaya Aura® Platform need to be more open and flexible, yet still deliver the highest levels of reliability and security, with a network that delivers redundancy for high availability and fault tolerance.


Breaking down the barriers to video

Flexible, scalable and easy to use high quality video solutions

The requirement for face-to-face discussions – with colleagues, customers and partners – has always been important, and is continuing to drive demand for high quality video collaboration solutions.


Scalable audio and video conferencing

Dramatically lowering conferencing costs

While audio and video conference calls may seem a cost-effective alternative to traditional face-to-face meetings, the reality is that too many organisations pay too much for their conferencing services. When conference hosting charges, call and access charges are combined, annual conferencing costs can quickly stack up.


Comprehensive range of user endpoint options

User profiling helps you make the right endpoint choices

When it comes to considering all aspects of your communications infrastructure, it’s important that you also extend agility and flexibility through to the different endpoint devices – whether hard phones or soft phones - that are available for your staff to use.


Enabling dynamic, two-way Proactive Notifications

Directly targeting customers during key engagement touch points

Organisations across a broad range of market sectors are finding that adopting a Proactive Notification approach is a highly successful way of both engaging customers and deflecting incoming contact centre demand.


Enabling effective collaboration for increased productivity

Integrating presence and data from multiple sources

As people work further apart, they need new tools to help them co-operate more closely. For these reasons and more, effective workforce collaboration is a critical part of any business strategy today. As mobile communications options increase, employees find themselves more connected but not always more productive.


A new era of seamless communication with UC

Simplify and enhance your business workflows and processes with UC

Research shows that as organisations continue to evolve their Unified Communications strategies, it’s their voice-centric requirements that are at the heart of this drive. A key reason for this is the continued evolution of the corporate network; no longer just a simple pipe - today’s UC-enabled networks effectively operate as an applications-aware resource that can help to positively impact your performance and productivity.


Around a year ago Ofcom introduced its changes to Non Geographic (08 and 09) Numbers, and customer service organisations had to make a choice between going with 03 numbers for customer contact or sticking with their 0800 version but absorbing the cost of customer calls.