A brand like Which? comes with incredible integrity and high customer expectations. For Which? Mortage Advisers, being recognised as impartial independent experts that look at every available mortgage to identify the best deal that's right for their customers is at the heart of the service they provide.

Which? invested in Bright Navigator a few years ago and has integrated the customer survey solution into the 100-seat contact centre so deeply that it is in the fabric of the organisation.


The Challenge

Being part of the Which? group and the brand values that brings with it, the organisation needed to ensure that it was delivering exceptional customer experience at every stage in the customer journey. Although already surveying customers, there was a lack of insight and a huge investment in time to really understand what customers really thought.

The Solution

Which? Mortgage Advisers implemented a Voice of the Customer initiative aimed at improving the process for gathering feedback using the automated solution from Bright.

The Results

Although already in the Bright Top 25%, Which? Mortgage Advisers used the insight to make incremental and major changes to processes across its three customer journey stages. As well as delivering increased response rates from 12% to 16%, the company has seen an uplift in the overall NPS that now tracks 6-8 points above target, including an increase of 19 points in the initial call stage from 65 to 84.


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