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Having just hosted Sabio's recent Voice Biometrics for Financial Services executive dinner, I was struck by how relevant the issue is when I read a number of recent letters in the Sunday Times Money section that followed up an article titled 'Is anybody safe from the bank fraudsters?'

In my last blog I discussed how organisations need to work towards a better alignment between their mobile service solutions such as apps, and the experience offered in their contact centres. Brett Hunt from Nuance also echoed this in a recent blog1 he wrote for Sabio in August, where he stressed the requirement for more joined up cross-channel service. Brett emphasised that, from a technology perspective, there's now really nothing to stop organisations transforming how they engage with their customers.

When we saw Gary's recent tweet about how he was going through password hell we knew that many consumers shared his frustrations.

I was fascinated by the recent wide scale coverage by the BBC of the chap that managed to map 12,000 routes through to contact centre call steering menus.

Contact centre specialist assumes responsibility for end-to-end delivery of service around core Avaya, Verint and Nuance customer service platforms.

Insurance provider deploys powerful speech technology to help improve customer experience.

The key here is to determine the characteristics of a successful self-service device, and then apply them to all forms of self-service.

Today's reality is that there's a serious disconnect between financial services firms' security expectations and the customer's practical ability to deliver. Consequently, I think we're pushing ever closer to a position where a whole new security approach is required!

In getting ready for a recent Sabio Voice Biometrics round table event, I spent some time looking at how much of an impact security was having on my own life.

Consider the following case studies, detailing IVR Solutions implemented by our Speech IVR practice.

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