Workforce Management

Micheal Andrews Sabio - Workforce Optimisation

Workforce Optimisation

True contact centre workforce optimisation

Workforce Optimisation (WFO) is about getting the best out of your people to provide a superior customer service whilst effectively managing operating costs.

Managing the productivity of your workforce, whether in the contact centre for efficient call centre workforce management, across branches or in the back office, can be a challenge.  Workforce Optimisation is recognised as a means to enabling a more holistic approach to managing the workforce. But Workforce Optimisation can deliver much more through improved customer management.

For some, a WFO programme may start with workforce management or interaction recording, for others the focus is on contact quality evaluation, performance monitoring or eLearning. Increasingly, organisations are using WFO tools to understand their customers, such as customer feedback and speech analytics.

Where ever you are starting Sabio has unrivalled depth and understanding in both process and technology to support you in achieving your WFO business objectives, from a single point solution through to a fully integrated WFO approach.