Future of Voice White Paper - Contact Centre Experts - SabioWith people communicating more than ever via social media, e-mail, chat and apps, and with the continued shift towards digital customer engagement, it's perhaps not unreasonable that some commentators might question the role that the traditional telephony or voice channel will play amidst all this rapid change.

Whether it's mobile voice services, increasingly rich web-enabled offerings such as Skype and FaceTime, or the growing number of chat variants, there's a wide range of ways that people can now get in touch and engage with organisations. What's clear is that consumers are communicating more than ever and, as service providers evolve to address customer channel shifts, traditional channels are adapting to support new requirements. Traditional fixed voice communications has seen its share of overall customer contact fall from around 90% in 2006 to a projected 72.6% for 2014 according to the latest ContactBabel research. However this decline has now stabilised since 2012 and call volumes are expected to ease more slowly over the next three to five years. Analysts also predict that mobile voice revenue will decline over this period. These figures are explained by the fact that newer channels such as social media and web chat are targeted  to grow by 32% and 37% respectively between 2013 and 2017 (ContactBabel), leading to an overall growth in the total volume of customer contact interactions.

Topics include:

  • What role will voice play in the near future?
  • How can companies develop their customer engagement infrastructure to meet changing requirements?
  • Enabling interactive real-time multimedia communications with WebRTC
  • Deploying next generation voice to improve the customer experience


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