White-Paper-WFO EffectivenessWhile Workforce Optimisation (WFO), with its many different technology components and processes, represents a powerful approach for customer service organisations looking to secure contact centre efficiencies, it also has a critical role to play in enabling customer service effectiveness.

Effective WFO is all about successfully integrating WFO technology components such as workforce management, quality monitoring, performance management, customer surveys and customer service analytics, and successfully uncovering the business trends and root cause of employee and customer behaviours. Done right, WFO helps to inform the right decisions and contributes directly to ensuring service excellence. However it also places an increased focus on the contact centre, and its agents and managers, and on making sure that they have the right training, development and coaching to deliver the right behaviours for customer service success.

Topics include

  • Refocusing on customer service effectiveness
  • The value of non-quantifiable workforce optimisation benefits
  • Aligning WFO with improved Customer Engagement
  • Externalising customer focus with WFO
  • Enabling more strategic Customer Management activities


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