At Sabio we’re serious about helping the organisations that we work with deliver the highest standards of customer service.

Offering more intelligent service and making it easier for people to engage can make a huge difference – not only by optimising operational performance, but also in terms of freeing up customer time so that they can actually spend more of their lives doing what they actually want to do.

Earlier this year we took a delegation of Sabio staff and customers to Silicon Valley to get a sense of just how the major industry players are working to reshape customer engagement.

The vendors we visited, and the innovations and issues we investigated covered:

  • Amazon
    Immense cloud computational power, unlocking true Big Data analytics opportunities, as well as the real time potential of Internet of Things
  • Avaya
    Key role of Avaya Engagement Development Platform
    (EDP) – leveraging power of WebRTC and snap-in services to create specialised customer journeys that encourage a move beyond omni-channel
  • Facebook
    Massively scaling messaging platforms with WhatsApp and Messenger at the heart of next generation consumer engagement, backed by a shift towards tracking corporate service responsiveness with Facebook Pages
  • Google
    10 times thinking, fail fast culture, as well as cost dynamics impacted by dramatically low-cost Chromebook contact centre endpoints
  • Nuance
    How pervasive speech recognition and widespread virtual assistant usage is gathering the insight essential for true machine learning and AI-enabled service

Our Study Tour has been instrumental in helping to take our Transforming Customer Contact vision forward – not only helping us to build a picture of what’s coming down the line, but also ensuring that our customers stay ahead of the curve as consumer service expectations accelerate.


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