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White Papers

Every decade it seems that a new computing interaction paradigm emerges. In the 1990s it was the Web, Mobiles set the agenda in the 2000s, while in our current decade we’ve seen a continued shift towards first generation Assistants such as Alexa and Siri.

When it comes to developing intelligent messaging strategies that strike exactly the right balance between customer effort and cost-effectiveness, you need to be working with a specialist partner that’s able to address all your business, usability and technical challenges.

Find out how the latest voice biometric technologies can successfully balance security needs while still enabling a high quality customer experience. 

Find out how speech analytics has evolved to become an essential component of today’s best practice customer engagement strategies.

At Sabio we’re serious about helping the organisations that we work with deliver the highest standards of customer service.

White Paper HostedSabio OnDemand – offering the best of both worlds. To date the contact centre industry has lagged behind other market sectors when it comes to the deployment of cloud technologies.

Customer contact centre trends 2015 - SabioTransforming contact centre performance by taking advantage of key customer contact technology trends.

White-Paper-WFO EfficiencyWorkforce Management (WFM) is quite rightly seen as potentially the most valuable tool in the contact centre manager's portfolio, as it effectively provides them with a platform for unlocking the potential of further Workforce Optimisation initiatives.

White-Paper-WFO EffectivenessWhile Workforce Optimisation (WFO), with its many different technology components and processes, represents a powerful approach for customer service organisations looking to secure contact centre efficiencies, it also has a critical role to play in enabling customer service effectiveness.