Helping you take advantage of vendor-based initiatives

Keeping your technology solutions performing at the highest level

At Sabio we work closely with our technology partners, building the insight we need to help you optimise both the operational, technical and financial performance of your contact centre technology solutions.

We’re particularly well placed to help you take advantage of relevant vendor-based Support offers – especially those that can help you gain further value from your investment in your AvayaVerint, Semafone and Nuance technologies. We engage with our technology partners to identify the programmes and initiatives that best support our customers, and manage all the administration required to put them to work for your organisation. Examples include:

  • Software Investment Protection – covering the core components of your technology stack, this programme enables customers to take advantage of an upgrade protection subscription, giving them access to the latest software releases and avoiding the requirement for expensive major upgrades at irregular intervals
  • Lifecycle Software – potential outages can be minimised with a consistent software patching policy. Adopting a robust, process allows you to take advantage of proactive patching, protecting your critical contact infrastructure by eliminating known issues and ensuring that your products remains current

If you’re thinking of transitioning your Avaya Support to Sabio, we also offer a structured Service Transition approach to help you mitigate the risk of moving to a new support provider. With Sabio Service Transition we can tip the balance, allowing you to unlock the real value of your communications platform.

Sabio applies a robust and repeatable process designed specifically to capture and mitigate risks during transition. Our Sabio Transition Managers engage early in the process, helping to ensure your team retains full governance during the migration process.

To find out more about Vendor-backed Support Services contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0344 412 3000.