Rationalising your ISDN estate by migrating to SIP with Sabio

Easing your transition to resilient and flexible SIP Trunks

In addition to helping organisations optimise their core telephony spend, Sabio Network Services can add real value by easing your transition to more resilient and flexible SIP Trunk deployments.

SIP Trunks are widely recognised as a robust and flexible alternative to traditional ISDN services, with key benefits including:

  • Resilience – SIP Trunks can be deployed alongside ISDN over different access circuits
  • Disaster recovery - Two or more sites can have mirrored services & numbers over SIP
  • Speed of delivery and change - can be increased/decreased on the day of request
  • Numbers not location dependent - any new geographic number 01/02* area code can be provided, or existing numbers can be ported in from most Carriers
  • Lower rental and call costs - and free calls between connected sites

One of the main benefits of changing from ISDN to SIP with Sabio Network Services is the financial savings such a change can provide. There’s no longer any requirement to have costly ISDN circuits at every site, and consolidation typically results in less channels being needed.

We are able to offer a fully matured, resilient and commercially viable SIP solution to support both your current and future requirements.

With our in-depth expertise across SIP provision, data connectivity and telephony hardware including Session Border Controllers for site security, Sabio is particularly well placed to advise on, design, provide and support SIP services to contact centre customers.

For further information on SIP Trunking contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0344 412 3000.

*01/02 area code applicable to UK only.