Competitive Outbound Call services

Guaranteed high call quality backed by enhanced services

Sabio’s competitive outbound call service takes advantage of our Tier 1 Carrier partner’s networks using Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) over existing BT exchange lines or via SIP Trunks*.

Using only premium business routes, we can guarantee high call quality, while providing enhanced services at no additional cost, such as:

  • Network-based call barring (eg 09 Premium Rate number*)
  • Billing based on the presentation DDI number
  • Comprehensive fraud detection tools to quickly identify abnormal calling patterns in order to alert potential abuse

Sabio ensures competitive call rates to suit all traffic profiles, with free UK calls on SIP*. We are also committed to fair pricing and contracts, with regular reviews and call rates that move with the underlying carrier cost base.

For further information on Outbound Calls contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0344 412 3000.

* Carrier Pre_Select (CPS) over existing BT exchange lines or via SIP Trucks, 09 Premium Rate number and free UK calls on SIP all applicable to UK only.