Increased transparency with Web-based Call billing and reporting

Easily accessible reports help you manage your network services costs

Engaging Sabio as your Network Services partner means you can take advantage of our comprehensive Web-based Call Billing and Reporting capabilities.

Our industry-leading call billing platform provides information in multiple formats, with the ability to tailor reporting to suit. Our standard invoices, featuring a full breakdown of consolidated Network Services billing and call charges, are emailed to nominated contacts on a monthly basis.

Access to our easy-to-use Web-based billing portal provides you with complete insight into:

  • Details of unbilled calls
  • All old invoices
  • Analysis of longest, most expensive, most frequently dialed calls
  • Breakdown by numbers, sites or cost centres

In addition you can view and download full call data, putting you in charge of your Network Services costs, with comprehensive customisable and graphical reporting to support your specific requirements*.

To find out more about Call Billing contact us on 0344 412 3000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*comprehensive customisable and graphical reporting to support your specific requirements, applicable to UK only.