Supporting the seamless customer journey with Voice Self Service

Transforming how your engage with your customers

While Self-Service and automation are attractive to organisations because they can prove significantly less expensive than assisted services, customers traditionally have been less positive. Quite rightly people were frustrated when systems were poorly designed, when they were presented with confusing menu options, and when IVR systems made it as difficult as possible to opt out and speak to live agents.

However, having built hundreds of specialist voice solutions over the last 15 years, at Sabio we’re convinced that it’s not self-service that consumers object to – it’s poor quality automation that gets in the way of a seamless customer journey.

In today’s increasingly cross-channel world, particularly, customers may soon start their interaction on a mobile device, switch to a speech-enabled interface as they get into their car, and then have all their details transferred to a customer service advisor if they need to speak in more detail to a live agent. The key here is to offer an integrated approach to self-service – one that can improve automation rates and dramatically increase customer satisfaction levels.

Fortunately, improving the customer experience and reducing the overall cost of customer engagement don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts. Effective Voice Self-service can lower costs and increase ROI, while still providing consumers with automation options that can dramatically simplify or improve their customer journey.

At Sabio we’re now working closely with some of the world’s leading B2C and B2B organisations to help them transform their customer contact offering with next generation automation solutions. Building on initial Customer ID & Verification, Intelligent Call Routing and PCI compliance capabilities, our world-class IVR and Apps team is now delivering solutions to support:

  • Automated Booking Processes for travel, retail and logistics
  • WISMO – Where is my order?
  • Meter readings for utilities
  • Tracking & tracing orders and shipments for retail and logistics
  • Rescheduling/Confirming appointments
  • Contract and Service Renewals for financial services
  • Service Alerts
  • Intelligent Information playback
  • Automated Diagnostics for utilities

What's clear from the self-service examples discussed above, however, is that the technologies needed to deliver such a joined-up, cross-channel service are already deployed and working on a major scale in some of the world's leading companies. For organisations looking to transform how they engage with customers, there's really nothing to stop you.

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