Authenticating your customers naturally and effortlessly

Enhancing security while improving the Customer Experience

Voice Biometrics technology, with its acknowledged convenience and flexibility, is now widely regarded as a mainstream technology that benefits both customers and their service providers alike.

Using natural voice patterns not passwords, questions or PINs, Voice Biometrics can authenticate your customers naturally and effortlessly – and help provide an important service differentiator for your business.

Innovative voice biometrics deployments increasingly show how the technology is now successfully delivering the previously incompatible task of both enhancing security while simultaneously delivering reductions in Customer Effort.

Key voice biometrics benefits include simpler authentication, fraud reduction and an impressive return on investment. Given that 85% of users are frustrated with existing authentication methods, the ability to cut times by around 80% is clearly significant.

Similarly, traditional security approaches such as four-digit PINs can be quickly compromised. However, voice biometrics removes this risk of compromise by using the customer’s unique voiceprint for authentication.

Whether it’s shorter call times, increased functionality or the ability to differentiate through innovations, voice biometrics can help you deliver a positive customer experience – while still allowing you to reduce costs and improve security.

Voice Biometrics

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