Streamline agent performance with Unified Desktop solutions

Free your agents to focus on customers rather than systems complexity

Agents of course want to do their job effectively, but it’s surprising how often they are left to struggle with a disparate mix of multiple software applications, systems and databases in order to help customers.

With a Unified Desktop solution in place your agents can focus on servicing customers rather than spending too much time trying to navigate their way through complex contact centre software and service processes. Agents no longer have to alt/tab or copy and paste between applications, errors are reduced, and post-call tasks are minimised. This not only results in shorter and higher quality interactions, but customers also benefit from an improved overall experience.

To support effective Unified Desktop solutions, Sabio has combined its best practice contact centre process and integration skills with user interface and process management technology to streamline the process and ensure that organisations are able to realise a rapid return on their investment in desktop projects. Sabio’s Unified Desktop approach can help take your contact centre to the next level, delivering step-change improvements in agent productivity. Customer satisfaction also increases, while increased simplicity means that your agent training costs will also go down.

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