Customer-centred Speech solutions

Making interactions as effortless as possible for customers

While there has been continual development in IVR and advanced speech recognition technologies, the key benefits in terms of performance improvement from speech solutions still come from the quality of the deployment and the level of caller acceptance of the speech application.

Because of our in-depth self-service expertise, in-house specialist speech application design, and implementation skills, Sabio is well placed to help organisations put speech-based solutions to work. Our Self-Service team is one of the worlds longest established and accomplished Speech centres of excellence, with a dedicated Voice User Interface design team that focuses the latest speech technologies, IVR solutions and applications expertise to help organisations secure a significant ROI on their speech technology investments.

Our Speech solutions are designed using Sabio’s acknowledged User Centred Design approach - combined with an industry leading speech design capability with first-rate business and systems integration functions. Integrated Speech IVR solutions are delivered using market-leading technologies from key Sabio partners such as Avaya and Nuance.

By combining these technology components with in-house speech design skills, we’re able to create self-service solutions that are easy for your customers to use, reduce overall interaction times, intelligently route interactions to the right agent, and ensure that your specialist advisers have the right customer information to hand when they are connected.

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