Enabling dynamic, two-way Proactive Notifications

Directly targeting customers during key engagement touch points

Organisations across a broad range of market sectors are finding that adopting a Proactive Notification approach is a highly successful way of both engaging customers and deflecting incoming contact centre demand.

Automated notification applications offer an excellent channel to complement existing live agent resources – whether it’s for airlines dealing with flight status updates and travel alerts, financial service providers bringing new customers on board, appointment reminders, reminding customers when payments are due, retailers offering order status and delivery notifications, or utilities alerting customers to service outages.

Whatever the application, outbound and inbound notification channels - such SNS, email or traditional voice and video – work best as part of an integrated engagement strategy – particularly as the majority of customers now use multiple channels when contacting organisations.

Solutions such as Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) help link outbound notification activities with core customer databases, order management systems, accounts and billing systems. This allows you to design focused Proactive Notifications to address specific customer concerns. Two-way interactions can also be supported, allowing customers to message directly, reducing inbound calls. Outbound notifications can provide support at key engagement touch points, unlocking significant operational savings by deflecting demand from your already busy contact centres.

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