Transforming feedback into actionable intelligence with Post Call Survey technology

Putting the voice of the customer to work to improve service delivery

It’s important to know what customers really think of your business. However, while it might sound a simple question, it’s actually one of the most fundamental issues organisations face in today’s highly competitive markets.

Unfortunately though, too many customer service teams invest in technology to gather feedback but then fail to adequately respond to the valuable information that’s collected from customers and staff. This is clearly a missed opportunity, particularly given that a correctly deployed feedback process can deliver real benefits in terms of optimising business processes, reacting quickly to resolve customer issues, and enhancing overall service levels.

That’s why at Sabio we not only offer a flexible enterprise Post Interaction Survey platform, but have also formalised a set of best practice processes that help ensure your business maximises the benefits you receive from your feedback technology. These processes have been developed through years’ of experience working with award-winning contact centres that have collectively transformed their operations by accessing the goldmine of information locked in their customer feedback data.

Instead of asking general questions infrequently, Sabio customers find it’s far more beneficial to actively gather, analyse and act on feedback so that they can take steps to enhance their products, improve customer loyalty and – ultimately – increase revenues.

Key requirements here include being able to share data with critical stakeholders, and the ability to showcase actionable results using customisable, interactive dashboards. Managing a single survey and case management solution will also help in terms of driving action and accountability across a closed-loop process.

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