Reducing Customer Effort through Intelligent Call Routing

Encouraging self-service while increasing satisfaction levels

Thanks to the depth of contextual information now available through corporate Big Data initiatives, today’s Intelligent Call Routing solutions are playing a key role in helping to reduce overall Customer Effort levels.

By using as much customer data as possible to drive the routing process, Intelligent Call Routing solutions can increasingly enhance the customer experience offered through the consistent application of simple, intelligent speech and self-service conversations.

Context-aware applications can dynamically optimise interactions based on purchase histories, transactions and other recent contacts – effectively providing personalised routing based on the customer’s unique situation and needs.

Sabio brings over 15 years’ Intelligent Call Routing experience gained through successful self-service deployments with some of the world’s largest organisations. We understand how accurate and effective interaction routing – using both natural language speech recognition as well as traditional IVR technologies – offers a cost effective way of ensuring that customers are routed to the right resource to deal with their query.

Getting this right requires both commitment and experience. At Sabio we take the time to understand why your customers are contacting you, and then help design applications that can first effectively predict what customers are looking for, and then make appropriate routing decisions.

Designed correctly, you’ll find your customers appreciate a much more effortless experience and are much happier to self-serve. The result for your business can prove equally impressive, with reduced demand for live agent interactions helping to reduce your overall contact centre operational costs.

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