Building out your Customer ID & Verification capabilities

Reducing customer effort and securing operational savings

It’s estimated that around 20% of overall UK contact centre talk time is currently focused on critical Customer ID & Verification activities, so applying automation to these functions can secure huge dividends – particularly in terms of reducing customer effort and securing operational savings.

Sabio research shows just how much your customers actively dislike traditional sign-in processes, however it’s a critical process for contact centre operators due to growing security and compliance pressures.

To help you address this challenge, we have developed our innovative Sabio Voice Toolkit approach – a powerful pre-built framework that allows our specialist team to build out your Customer ID & Verification capabilities quickly using tried and tested processes and modules.

Featuring support for core Customer ID & Verification elements such as Postcode, Date of Birth, Name and even Natural Numbers such as ‘double 3’, applying the Sabio Voice Toolkit will help you improve both the speed and quality of these processes. And getting this right will have an immediate impact on customer acceptance of your automation activities, contributing not only to a significant reduction in interaction handling times but also to the overall success of your self-service initiatives.

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