Reducing customer frustration with Click-to-Call

Tighter integration between your online channels and the contact centre

Given that over 60% of customers have already been online before getting in touch with an organisation, it makes increasing sense to make the transition between online and live interactions as easy as possible with a growing range of click-to-call options.

Similarly, if a customer is held in a queue waiting for an agent to become available, why not give them the choice of a call back – maintaining their place in a virtual queue and reconnecting them when an agent is free?

With mobile Google searches now overtaking desktop for the first time, there’s even more likelihood of customers taking advantage of smart click-to-call options. Intelligently deploying more context-sensitive embedded online service applications that draw on callback resources can play a key role in resolving queries and enabling customers to progress to the next stage of their journey.

Placed correctly, smart callback options can help reduce customer frustrations while also – for the larger organisations – potentially preventing thousands of unnecessary calls into the contact centre.

Thanks to tight integration between online channels and your Avaya-powered contact centre, Sabio’s callback and click-to-call options help place your agents in full control, with access to customer details and progress to date meaning that outbound callback interactions can effectively be pre-authenticated and contextualised. The result is that customers feel valued and benefit from a positive experience, while your business benefits from a smoother demand curve and increased customer satisfaction.

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