Designing IVR solutions around customer needs

Putting the power of voice to work with pre-built, high performance voice apps

At Sabio we’ve always believed that the key success factor behind high performing IVR and Apps is having a clear focus on designing solutions around the customer and their needs.

While self-service applications of course need to be tightly integrated with contact centre technology and business processes to optimise performance, the real business benefits of a self-service application is completely tied to user acceptance of the application.

It’s this clear commitment that allows the Sabio IVR and Apps team to achieve such strong results for our customers. Done right, effective IVR solutions can unlock impressive seven figure operational savings for major organisations – not only lowering costs and increasing ROI, but also paving the way for an entirely new generation of more intelligent self-service solutions.

Using world class IVR applications technology from best practice providers such as Avaya and Nuance, Sabio’s self-service solutions help organisations to provide their customers with a more personalised service approach across automated and agent-led interactions.

Organisations of all sizes can now take advantage of our IVR and Apps expertise thanks to Sabio’s innovative Voice Toolkit that’s designed to bring the benefits of best practice voice self-service applications to a much wider audience. Distilling over a decade’s experience in developing custom voice self-service solutions, the Sabio Voice Toolkit features a series of pre-built and fully tested voice application modules that can be combined together to allow even more organisations to put the power of speech technology to work in their business.

Featuring the latest natural speech language technology, and offering both sophisticated tuning tools and comprehensive MI reporting, our Voice Toolkit approach allow high performing speech applications to be built quickly and cost effectively. Key modules include:

  • Names
  • Dates
  • Currency
  • Natural numbers (double three two double oh...)
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Post Codes
  • Address
  • Credit card details

With IVR growth now predominantly centred around applications and hosted services, the Sabio Voice Toolkit approach directly addresses the market requirement for more flexible IVR applications and services – combining the accessibility and convenience of apps-style delivery with the expertise and quality of our specialist speech team.

When using our toolkit to build IVR and Speech applications, customer service organisations will be able to directly address previously resource intensive activities such Identification & Verification – unlocking valuable performance savings without any of the time delays involved in deploying major customised solutions.

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