The flexibility of a virtualised environment

Simplifying platform innovation while also enhancing customer flexibility

To cope with accelerating customer engagement demands, your core enterprise solutions such as the Avaya Aura® Platform need to be more open and flexible, yet still deliver the highest levels of reliability and security, with a network that delivers redundancy for high availability and fault tolerance.

Virtualisation addresses these challenges by helping to improve productivity, reducing ongoing maintenance activities, providing better security and control, and enabling the rapid adoption of innovative services.

Traditionally Avaya platform solutions have been offered as individual appliances, with Avaya providing both the software and hardware for each solution. Now for customers that have a VMware infrastructure, Avaya Aura® Virtualised Environment offers a hardware efficient, cost effective and simplified platform to support the latest Avaya customer engagement solutions.

Spreading applications across multiple servers makes better use of often-idle capacity and provides more flexibility in terms of administration and data centre management. You will, of course, still have the choice of whether you want to take advantage of the VMware virtualisation model, or instead continue to deploy your Avaya Aura solutions in a traditional appliance approach with servers provided by Avaya.

Adopting the virtualisation model brings a number of specific advantages, including reducing the costs for expanding users and applications, introducing a range of hybrid deployment options, as well as both a reduced hardware requirement and enhanced reliability and redundancy options.

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