A new era of seamless communication with UC

Simplify and enhance your business workflows and processes with UC

Research shows that as organisations continue to evolve their Unified Communications strategies, it’s their voice-centric requirements that are at the heart of this drive. A key reason for this is the continued evolution of the corporate network; no longer just a simple pipe - today’s UC-enabled networks effectively operate as an applications-aware resource that can help to positively impact your performance and productivity.

It’s hardly surprising that UC is seen as the focus for anytime, anywhere, anyhow business communication. Powerful infrastructure elements such as the Avaya Aura® platform make it possible to streamline and rationalise existing systems, bringing together diverse architectures, creating enterprise-wide dial plans, supporting the rollout of new features anywhere in their network and achieving significant cost savings in network access and ongoing management. The common denominator that makes all of this possible is the innovative way that Avaya Aura® implements a SIP-based architecture.

SIP ushers in a new era of seamless communication, enabling a more unified communications and collaboration framework – making it ideal for supporting today’s increasingly complex customer contact requirements. For contact centre operators particularly, Avaya Aura® enables a whole new era in business communications, helping you to successfully manage your brand in an increasingly social world, adjust your customer engagement operations to support increased customer mobility, and respond directly to the growing requirement for effective multi-channel service delivery.

Sabio’s proven innovation and deep understanding of the Avaya UC and contact centre portfolio, alongside our application integration and business operations skills, ensures that that you will be able to maximise your investment in all of your business platforms to provide a truly unified foundation for future collaboration, innovation and transformation.

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