Getting the right customers to the right agents at the right time

Optimising the customer journey with intelligent dynamic routing

With customer service expectations continuing to increase, it’s even more important for organisations to route interactions as quickly as possible correctly to resolve customer issues.

Traditional priority queuing – with, for example, higher priority customers being handled more quickly – or skills-based routing of course helps, but there’s now a lot more that you can do when it comes to achieving more intelligent call routing.

A great start is to take data you already know about the caller – such as recognising who they are from their number and cross-referencing that to see if they have been in contact recently – and using that to route the interaction more effectively. For example, if a caller has been in touch recently, the chances are that their issue might be unresolved and the contact should be prioritised

Business Advocate technology from Avaya helps organisations to switch from static routing to a much more dynamic approach that lets you foresee events that could impact service – and respond automatically in real time. It’s a solution that promises a whole new level of control.

Deployed correctly, Business Advocate can handle all voice, email and web chat interactions via a single universal queue – intelligently routing customers to the best agent for their needs. The application also lets organisations define their own policies and service level goals, ensuring that agent resources are allocated in ways that make the most of each customer contact.

Given its powerful capabilities – and the fact that many businesses already have access to Business Advocate through their Avaya Aura® Communication Manager platform – you can ensure that your high-value customers get fast service, yet no one is forgotten.

And where service levels are regulated or contractual, dynamic routing technology can automatically adjust service level thresholds to bring in extra resources to meet targets.

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