Comprehensive range of user endpoint options

User profiling helps you make the right endpoint choices

When it comes to considering all aspects of your communications infrastructure, it’s important that you also extend agility and flexibility through to the different endpoint devices – whether hard phones or soft phones - that are available for your staff to use.

It’s essential here to understand the range of options, and to carefully profile roles to match endpoint functionality. Individual preferences need to be taken on board, however if you’re managing potentially thousands of different endpoints it’s also necessary to have the ability to manage all your IP telephone endpoints across multiple regions, contact centres and Communication Manager servers.

The range of endpoint choices are extensive – from powerful IP, digital, analogue and SIP Deskphones for fixed locations, specialist conference phones, as well as wireless handheld devices that help users stay productive even as they move throughout a building or across a campus. Some contact centre users prefer professional headsets, while others use wireless systems in combination with PC-based soft phone functionality that delivers fully integrated voice, video, IM and presence features. These can also work well for homeworkers.

The wide range of options means that there’s an endpoint option to suit all of your users, regardless of their role or preferences. However, while choice is good, it’s also necessary to conduct a user profiling impact assessment to ensure that endpoint decisions continue to support your requirements for resilience and security.

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