Scalable audio and video conferencing

Dramatically lowering conferencing costs

While audio and video conference calls may seem a cost-effective alternative to traditional face-to-face meetings, the reality is that too many organisations pay too much for their conferencing services. When conference hosting charges, call and access charges are combined, annual conferencing costs can quickly stack up.

Thanks to the Avaya Aura® architecture, however, Sabio’s Conferencing solutions can deliver audio and video conferencing, information sharing, web conferencing virtually anywhere to as few or as many people as you need – and all at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Avaya Aura® Conferencing’s lower total cost of ownership is driven by the core Avaya platform’s architecture, simplifying management and ensuring lower acquisition, upgrade and bandwidth costs. For businesses that are currently using external conferencing facilities on a regular basis, the deployment of an in house Conferencing solution can generate an ROI in a matter of months.

Additionally, the introduction of Video Conferencing – either as a point-to-point solution, embedded within conferencing applications or deployed at a desktop level - can significantly increase communication within your business. Similarly, by adding web conferencing licenses, your business can rapidly enhance its collaboration environment, providing a platform that can deliver internal and external web conferencing facilities, collaborative whiteboard and desktop sharing environments and mixed-media (audio / video / web) sessions, all wrapped around the core feature-rich communication and management tools which are provided by the core Avaya Aura platform.

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