Enabling effective collaboration for increased productivity

Integrating presence and data from multiple sources

As people work further apart, they need new tools to help them co-operate more closely. For these reasons and more, effective workforce collaboration is a critical part of any business strategy today. As mobile communications options increase, employees find themselves more connected but not always more productive.

That’s why embedding communications into the application-supported processes your company uses every day makes it much easier for your employees to find and distribute information, prioritise work, and communicate both their needs and decisions.

Our collaboration solutions provide your users with a range of sophisticated tools that support better communication and more productive working – making the interaction between people as simple and effective as possible.

For Sabio, collaboration is all about making the first contact the right contact. Our UC expertise provides you with a collaboration platform that integrates presence from multiple sources including voice, video, text, and email, as well as data from enterprise calendars, as well as instant messaging clients and even mobile devices.

The result is that you can take advantage of Instant Messaging and Presence capabilities to develop collaboration applications that – unrestricted by technology silos - are based on your company’s existing communication flows and employee needs.

Having delivered presence, you can then evolve your collaboration solutions towards awareness, informing you not only where people are located and whether they are online but also what content needs to be shared. For example, Avaya is already experimenting with awareness filters that analyse your call contacts and pull in documents that are appropriate for that conference.

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