Optimising Livechat performance through effective reporting

Providing the feedback needed to measure livechat effectiveness

Today’s ‘messaging economy’, encouraging customers to send and receive information at their convenience, is all about giving consumers more choice. However with so many messaging channels available, it’s all too easy for service providers to get the balance wrong.

That’s why effective livechat monitoring and analytics is so important, giving valuable insight around the customer experience both from an agent interaction perspective as well as with your broader brand. livechat reporting suites provide the kind of WFM-style metrics you would expect to see being used to assess agent performance.

From an employee perspective immediate feedback and notification from a dashboard view around number of chats and performance is important and it’s possible to see the metrics that are relevant to each employee and their associated KPIs via the agent workspace. From an agent perspective this could be average chat length and CSAT scores, while from a supervisor perspective your dashboard would relate to the performance of your entire team.

More advanced metrics can be used to track how long customers spend on web pages, helping to ascertain exactly when chat should be offered. This type of report can prove useful when you’re looking to link the livechat channel to revenues. Other useful measures include tracking the device being used for access, error counters, and A/B testing to establish which chat invites work best for customers.

Organisations can also apply text analytics to support the chat channel, encouraging a move away from average measures in order to focus on new opportunities for increased conversions, program optimisation, and cost reduction through improvements in processes and policies. Text analytics will give you the root cause analysis you need to correlate key metrics such as CSAT, FCR, and AHT to contact types to uncover themes and identify trends, analyse issues over time, measure effectiveness of scripts and pre- configured content. It’s also a useful tool for finding out what phrases drive negative customer experiences, and also what makes livechat interactions productive.

To deliver on the Livechat reporting insight Sabio leverage products from Industry Leaders such as Liveperon or Avaya to deliver this capability.

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