Communicating real-time contact centre information

Moving beyond traditional wallboards with intelligent displays

While many contact centres still have traditional wallboards in place, in reality these can often prove more of a distraction than a benefit – with large LED screens simply loading up stress levels by reminding agents of the queues that are building up.

Now things have taken a big step forward, thanks to an entirely new generation of intelligent visual displays that can be configured to provide customer contact teams with exactly the real-time performance information they require.

While previous generation wallboards offered only effort-based metrics, the latest Intelligent Contact Centre displays can aggregate key data feeds such as call volumes, what's actually happened, and interactions that have been closed – effectively combining both effort and outcome information to create much more meaningful information streams.

Sabio works with RMG Networks to offer display systems that integrate with core data sources such as ACD, CRM, trouble-ticketing and to create highly visible real-time information 'scorecards' that can be displayed on large HDTVs, LED wallboards, agent desktops or mobile devices.

And because our Intelligent Contact Centre displays are role-configurable, deployments can distinguish between team-based information that should be displayed on group LED displays or HDTVs, and individual agent performance data that appears as a personal floating window on their PCs. Similarly, contact centre management and team leaders can access the performance metrics they need on their mobile devices, while senior management can have a KPI-driven Intelligent Contact Centre display that gives them a real-time window into customer service performance.

So instead of feeling they're being shouted at, your contact centre teams can now benefit from easy-to-read displays showing individual and team metrics, illustrating how their role is contributing to overall service levels, as well as appropriate process updates, congratulatory information, even live TV feeds – during a World Cup or the Olympics, for example.

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