Putting Speech and Text Analytics at the core of your Reporting strategies

Offering a more holistic view of the customer experience

Gathering, analysing and acting on what your customers say is critical to improving loyalty and reducing customer effort – and can have a significant impact on reducing your operational costs.

Speech analytics, for example, is no longer an emergent technology. It’s been available for companies to use for years. However, with cost of the technology reducing and businesses keener than ever to understand the voice of the customer, Sabio sees the adoption of Speech Analytics steadily increasing – and playing an essential role at the heart of your reporting strategy.

With more and more customers now engaging via non-voice channels, it also makes increasing sense to use the latest Text Analytics technologies to track and capture feedback from a full range of text-based channels, including Facebook and Twitter, survey comments, customer emails, chat sessions, review sites, blog posts, as well as internal systems such as CRM tools such as Salesforce.com.

Used in tandem with Speech Analytics, Text Analytics will also help in providing a more holistic view of the customer experience offered through insights collected from all your multiple contact channels. Once text has been collected, it can be transformed through natural language processing and scored for sentiment. It can then be delivered via visualisation techniques such as daily word clouds, early warnings and alerts, as well as both scheduled and ad hoc reporting.

The reporting insight from Speech and Text Analytics can play a key role in supporting Compliance and Demand Reduction initiatives especially at a time where it’s more important than ever for contact centre agents to maintain adequate standards of behaviour and practice especially in areas that are regulated such as the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Speech analytics provides a cost-effective way to ensure that agents perform according to these expectations and insures against potential liability and provides a mechanism through the reporting insight to help supercharge training and improve agent performance in these challenging situations.

Understanding Contact centre demand has traditionally been built up using a series of IVR or Agent driven data capture techniques that don’t always present a true picture. In contrast, Speech Analytics gives organisations a complete and accurate baseline of demand types – helping you to challenge and reshape preconceptions of why your customers are actually calling and use the insight to support your company’s continuous improvement program.

Sabio’s background in deploying analytics platforms, ensures that we’re particularly well placed to support you in the deployment and the ongoing optimisation of the speech or text analytics solutions. We’ll work with you to define the reporting requirements based on your KPI’s and your business goals associated with deploying the technology to ensure that you see a fast return on your investment.

Sabio leverages best of breed technology from Verint to deliver against our customers Speech and Text analytics requirements.

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