Managing what’s happening across your social spaces

Integrating social media into your broader contact centre analytics activities

Maintaining a consistent customer experience across all key customer touch points is an essential part of today’s successful contact strategies, and that consistency also needs to extend to reporting.

Across social media however this can prove challenging. What’s certain is that people will be talking about your business on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and in their blogs and on emerging social media channels. But how many of these comments and discussions really you’re your attention?

That’s why having an effective social media analytics application in place is necessary if you’re to have any chance of working through potentially thousands of social media posts and comments, just to catch and respond to those that are critical within a defined SLA.

Without Social Media Analytics you’re exposing your organisation to potential risk, but simply leaving your contact teams to manually review social networks is clearly resource intensive and expensive and doesn’t allow for effective SLA management on the social channel.

Having a formal social media management application in place helps you address this challenge head on – one that can detect relevant social media conversations, analyse them for relevance, and then automatically distribute them to your contact centre agents or other specialists for response and resolution.

What’s important here is the ability to track and report your social media interactions in the same way you report on your other contact centre channels – ensuring that you have a clear view of all customer interactions, regardless of the social channel involved to assess how each channel is performing, moreover the reporting insight needs to provide actionable insight on how your employee population is dealing with Social contacts both from an SLA and customer experience perspective.

Sabio leverages best of breed technology from Avaya and Conversocial to support the ever increasing Social Media Analytics requirement.

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