Broadening your IVR Reporting perspective

Measuring performance against both customer and operational goals

For Sabio, effective IVR Reporting needs to focus on two key areas: success from the customer perspective, and the broader operational impact of deploying an IVR solution on other key customer contact processes.

Customer experience is critical here. Each time the customer successfully accomplishes his goal using the IVR solution, your organisation clearly saves costs by not requiring the assistance of a live agent. However, you also need to be able to track the level of customer acceptance of your IVR, their views in terms of customer effort, as well their ongoing customer satisfaction. Having access to this kind of data allows you to continually fine tune your IVR solution to help optimise performance.

It’s also important to look beyond basic IVR metrics to consider how an effective IVR solution can impact other parts of your operation. For example, if your IVR is hitting performance targets and successfully challenging demand by automating interactions, what are the likely implications for your planning team? While there may be less overall demand levels, they may in fact experience an increased volume of more complex interactions – potentially requiring different skills or increased training levels.

By considering both customer and operational outcomes in your reporting, you’ll be able to successfully refine your IVR processes to further improve performance against all your relevant business objectives.

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