Building a Customer and Employee Engagement Reporting strategy using an actionable insight platform.

Embedding Customer Effort at the heart of your continuous improvement program to drive up NPS and CSAT scores

Traditional Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is an important contact centre metric, but it doesn’t always give a realistic indication of your overall level of customer satisfaction – largely because it’s often based on the most recent contact.

While some organisations focus on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric, there’s a growing awareness that reducing Customer Effort and making it easier for customers to engage will drive up CSAT and NPS scores. The thinking underpinning Customer Effort is that lasting loyalty is actually earned by delivering on basic promises rather than exceeding expectations during service interactions. That's because most customer interactions are still largely functional requests – customers just need a straightforward answer to straightforward questions. Do this right each and every time and customers will keep coming back.

Regardless of the CSAT measure your organisation chooses, it’s important that you apply a consistent metric across all your different channels. This approach is essential, particularly as you will be looking to measure the effectiveness of your customer improvement strategies.

While obtaining continuous feedback across channels from your customers is necessary, measuring the internal Personal Satisfaction (PSAT) of your employees is equally as important especially as the relationship between customer and employees is always changing, and this relationship is key in terms of improving loyalty and increasing revenue for your business.

Consequently, it’s critical to have an inwardly focused and outwardly focused CSAT platform that enables you to measure the feedback both from the customer and employee in real time, and the insight is available in a format that quick and easy to interpret so you can act on this important feedback.

In terms of supporting this approach Sabio, leverage the Verint Feedback Management Verint tool to capture Employee and Customer Feedback.

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