Valuable insight into customer contacts

Rapport data provides new insights, delivering significant added value to your existing customer engagement analytics

The Rapport Contact Centre Dashboard provides organisations with a central receptacle of multiple caller behaviour metrics that delivers year on year trends at the press of a key. Available 24/7, organisations benefit from new insights into their contact centre performance, direct response advertising effectiveness and other key factors impacting the overall customer experience.  

Rapport Contact Centre Dashboard

Capabilities include:

  • Failure Demand impact – how much are avoidable repeat calls costing the organisation?
  • Lost Business Impact - how many callers responding to direct response advertising are failing to get through to agents and not calling back?
  • Drill down to 15 minute interval – identify exactly when and where operational issues are occurring and accurately quantify impact
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)– the Dashboard & DataStore reporting tool tracks effort across 10 different touch points to offer the only available Customer Effort metric that’s based on 100% of inbound calls and is updatable daily




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