Performance Reporting and Management Information for effective decision-making

Making sure you act on insight from key metrics

Performance reporting and actionable management information is fundamental in enabling your Contact Centre to make informed business decisions that will help drive your business towards becoming an award-winning contact centre operation.

Having access to intelligent information about your contact centre performance can give you the insight for running a more efficient and productive operation – however it’s essential that you measure the right things. This means having a balanced view on how the operation is performing based on a mix of Operational, Financial, CSAT and Employee Engagement metrics. And critically, based on an analysis of the metrics gathered, organisations need to make sure they act on this valuable insight to drive a continuous improvement program.

Sabio works with technologies that provide the essential operational contact centre metrics that can be viewed both historically and in real time. Reporting suite flexibility means that you can create and schedule reports that can be automatically distributed to your relevant audiences – whether that’s Team Leaders or Operational Directors. Reports also have to be accessible, with outputs ranging from dashboards accessible via a tablet to more in-depth data exports for analysis on your corporate BI system.

Ensuring consistent measurement

Making sure that the available metrics from your different applications follow an industry standard allows your organisation to benchmark performance against your main competitors. Internally, consistency of measures provides a ‘single view of the truth’ across the business, enabling the operational performance of the contact center to be tracked against your company’s strategic business objectives.

Historically Contact Centres have worked in averages and - while the technology provides the classic operational metrics in intraday, hourly, daily weekly, monthly and yearly intervals - Sabio feels it’s essential that reporting data also supports exception-based metrics as these are key to driving transformational change within your contact centre.

Looking beyond corporate metrics and KPIs, it’s also essential from an employee engagement perspective for reporting suites to also reflect measures that show how each employee is performing – both individually and in comparison to their peers across the organisation.

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