A more coherent and integrated approach to livechat delivery

Encouraging a seamless transition between self-service and live agent interactions

While livechat is widely recognised as one of the fastest-growing digital customer service solutions, it's important that you present the service as part of a coherent and integrated customer engagement experience.

Customers clearly appreciate how livechat can offer instantaneous text-based communication between themselves and the organisation they're dealing with. However, it's also really important that you also have the skills in place to support your chat service. Your customer contact team should only be offering chat when they have the agents in place to provide customers with the right answers and the right levels of service needed to resolve their enquiries.

That's why it's essential that you invest in a livechat solution or digital engagement engine that allows you to apply the same disciplines to chat as you do with your more established channels. You'll also need to look for an approach that enables livechat to operate as part of your broader contact capabilities – providing customers with the opportunity to switch between channels as their interactions progress. Combining livechat with co-browse, for example, lets you extend the potential of livechat and conduct more complex conversations.

Getting livechat right can not only help enhance the customer experience, but also assist in reducing voice contact volumes into your customer service operations by encouraging a more seamless transition between self-service and live agent interactions.

At Leeds City Council, for example, Sabio implemented a digital engagement engine approach to ensure that the Council was able to proactively deliver the right chat or content invitation – to the right customer – at the right time. Watch the video to see how the Council is benefitting from this deployment.

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