Reflecting your brand's persona with Chatbots

Interactively guiding customers to find information for themselves

Chatbot technology provides customers with the chance to engage immediately in conversations, and secure rapid resolution for standard self-service enquiries. At the same time, it also gives contact centre operators a proven way to challenge demand by effectively reducing the volume of calls from those customers who struggle to find the information they are looking for online.

Today's chatbots can understand increasingly complex questions, and succeed by systematically directing customers to an exact answer rather than giving them the choice to choose between different options.

The more successful chatbot deployments benefit from continuous improvement by acting on the insight and metrics generated, helping them to deliver predictable and measurable results by offering the information to the right customer at the right time. They also feature close integration to knowledge-bases, CRM systems and billing systems and other channels such as web chat and call-back – providing customers with a single place to go for assistance, answers and guidance.

Customisation options ensure you can use chatbots to reflect your brand's persona, before deploying the technology across your digital estate, Web properties, apps and IVR processes. The chatbot also needs to take advantage of intelligent algorithms that make sure that Virtual Agent 'chat' conversations align correctly with the language and tone expected by your customers.

By deploying chatbot platforms that take advantage of Natural Language understanding to deliver a personalised and conversational automation, you can start to interactively guide customers to find information or perform tasks by themselves. The NINA Intelligent Virtual Assistant from Nuance shows this concept in action – you can see more in this short video.

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