Bringing a more personal touch to complex interactions

Video chat provides a valuable and differentiating option

With one in four contact centres expected to have some form of video chat capability within the next year, it's clear that video is becoming an increasingly important channel for specific applications.

For many video chat can bring a more personal touch to online interactions, and the technology is seeing significant growth in markets such as retail and financial services where it is proving effective in guiding customers through more complex transactions.

In the financial services sector, for example, customers are already able to set up video chats with staff – bypassing the traditional branch. Another application has seen in-branch video chat linking customers through to specialist mortgage advisers.

Providing it is integrated properly as part of an optimised online customer journey, video chat can provide a valuable and differentiating option. Additional use cases include in-store digital kiosks that enable customers and agents to jointly drag and drop products and options on the screen, creating a shared sales consultancy environment for more complex and higher value products and services.

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