Improving social customer service

Integrating social media into your broader customer service strategy

Improving social customer service is one of the most pressing short-term priorities for contact centres, particularly as the majority of today's customers under 40 would much rather use channels such as social media and webchat to achieve their service goals.

However to address this, it's important for organisations to start doing social properly. Most businesses have yet to successfully integrate full social media monitoring, analysis and response platforms into their contact centres – indeed most are still tied up with how quickly they're able to respond to social interactions.

In 2015 contact centres need to start taking this further by actually listening to what's being said on social networks and acting on social content as part of their broader CRM strategy. To do this you need tools to manage your social interactions, particularly as best practice social media monitoring moves from being a differentiator to becoming an essential platform integrated with other key contact centre channels and routing priorities.

Examples of the functionality required include abilities to automatically route social posts to the best agent based on pre-defined skill sets , as well as being able to extract social conversations and popular relevant CRM accounts to ensure that interaction histories are available to all agents.

From an agent perspective, it's also essential to offer tight integration between social media tools and your universal knowledge base, helping agents to respond to social requests as effectively as possible. Similarly, supporting your social channels with real time and historical analytics will help ensure cross-channel SLA adherence.

Ten years ago there were no social media channels, and it's quite likely that in ten years' time the social channels we use today will all be different. Your social media platform will need to allow new social channels to be easily consumed into the platform, with their interactions handled accordingly.

Social Media

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