Putting the power of smart devices to work

Significantly reducing customer effort through the integration of smart devices and customer contact apps

With more and more of the population using increasingly powerful smartphones and tablets, it's hardly surprising that customers are using their smart devices to engage with organisations.

Equipped with the latest devices, customers inevitably have access to far more advanced technology than most contact centres – so it's important to recognise that, going forward, most of your relationships – whether voice, email, chat, social or SMS – will typically be initiated on the customer's device.

This represents a significant opportunity for organisations to adapt their traditional customer service processes to take advantage of smart device innovations such as biometric fingerprint readers, widespread 4G connectivity, and powerful applications. The latest mobile-optimised apps take advantage of these innovations - effectively giving customers the opportunity to bypass traditional IVR and begin their interactions without needing to progress through standard contact centre ID & Verification processes.

Intelligent mobile apps can also significantly reduce customer frustration by giving clear indications of call wait times or whether agents are available for webchats. Given that an estimated 20% of overall UK contact centre talk time is currently focused on ID & Verification, there are clearly significant opportunities for both reducing customer effort, improving compliance and optimising contact centre resources here.

Couple this with the increased levels of context that smart devices can bring to interactions, and the opportunities for transforming customer engagement through smart mobile devices are enormous.

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