Applying Knowledge Management for faster resolution

Giving agents faster access to the right information at the right time

Increased use of digital channels means that more and more people are now using the contact centre as an escalation channel. Customer service teams need to recognise that today's advisors are handling increasingly complex queries - and consequently dealing with fewer and fewer standard calls.

Not surprisingly this can place an increased emphasis on agents, particularly if they have to spend more of their time searching for answers than actually engaging with customers.

That’s why agents need to be equipped with the tools they need to service this growing volume of escalated calls more effectively. Innovative solutions such as Contextual Knowledge Management can help. The best Knowledge Management tools provide context-driven search processes that equip agents with relevant information and accurate answers, to guide agents through complex service processes.

While investment in Knowledge is often related to ongoing CRM projects, there's also a growing recognition that contact centres need answers today – and often can't wait for major enterprise software projects to unlock the results they need.

The good news is that Knowledge Management solutions no longer need to be seen as only an integral component of CRM projects, and can instead deliver real benefits when deployed as standalone applications. From a customer perspective, Knowledge Management solutions can also be integrated across customer touch points such as your website or a Virtual Agent solution, so that relevant information specific to the query can be accessed easily by customers in order to resolve their self-service requests.

Backed by the right skills to ensure that organisations actually get the Knowledge Management solution that's right for their business, we believe there's a real opportunity to empower agents to achieve new levels of performance. Research firm Ovum agrees, estimating that the market for Contextual Knowledge Management tools is set to grow by 60% over the next three to four years.

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