Ensuring effective control for your enterprise email

Respond to your customers' emails faster and more consistently

Despite impressive growth in digital channels such as webchat and social media, email continues to play an important role and still accounts for around 15% of overall inbound interactions.

Having an effective email management solution allows your contact centre to not only process this volume, but also understand the context, content and sentiment of inbound emails by using techniques such as sophisticated text-analysis and categorisation to efficiently route emails to the right department or agent-queue.

Intelligent email routing is also necessary to ensure the agent-response process automatically suggests the most likely answer to enquiries and provides appropriate responses. Having a core enterprise email reporting and case management capability also ensures that email engagement is managed and reported on from a unified perspective. This also ensures that email interactions are handled in a timely manner, with any exceptions flagged and handled in real time.

Key functionality required for effective email solutions include:

  • Automated Message Handling
  • Integrated Knowledge
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Secure Messaging
  • Advanced Security
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • High-Performance Agent Desktop

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